President’s note

President’s note


The strength of a company is in the ability to adjust itself to the right business environment and market variables while making repeated internal evaluation and aspire for perfection.
Mentor Group Holdings was established more than 10 years ago based exactly on this business vision and values.

Through the last 10 years, in all of our business activities, we are always influenced by the economic environment, markets need, clients and governments requests, leading us to creating a winning solution for all engaged parties.

Mentor group Holdings consortium of companies allows business flexibility and creativity turns into reality, as the group’s companies were established by creating a synergistic model that nurtures the companies and provides most of the solutions needed internally.
This option provides us with fast response, efficient results and creative solutions for every challenge that any of our companies or portfolio companies may face during its activity.

In the last few years, Mentor group Holdings developed several programs in the Energy and Environmental domains. Through our ECOVERDE® and ECOVERDE Energy® Programs more inhabitants in Eastern European & CIS countries will enjoy better services and better environmental surroundings resulted from implementing of EU manufactured equipment and new EU advanced technologies.

In the last years, Mentor expanded its activities and investment portfolio through our companies to other domains in our target markets as: special financing programs, variety of Private equity investments, insurance, security services, Hotel industry, automotive industry, Media services and more. All the business activity domains are linked directly to our group of companies’ activities and providing them with advanced solutions to prosper in their operating markets.

Through the last decade, the financial markets have gone into challenging times. Despite the challenges, Mentor Group Holdings succeeded in maintaining its company stability, expanding to several new markets and achieving business and economic growth by adapting new management strategies, compatibility with market demands, all thanks to the remarkable management team and employees which lead the company to success.

We believe that the human resource in a company is the asset that leads it to greatness. Our employees make the big difference between a good company to an innovative and successful company.

Mentor Group Holdings is looking with anticipation to the future as a bright and prosperous one, knowing the challenges ahead but having the right tools to overcome them.

Alon Peled – President

Mentor Group Holdings Consortium